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My name is Nicholas Cloister. I was born in 1971, and I run and administer Monsters By Email. I live in the west of rural Sweden, surrounded by forests and shimmering lakes.

I have a four year traditional art education, and have spent good parts of my life teaching teenagers how to paint, draw, and use digital media. Parallel to this I have remained an artist and worked primarily non-figuratively with acrylics on canvas. In the last decade though, I rediscovered my taste for fantasy art, and have occasionally enjoyed freelancing as an illustrator and concept artist.

Clients include Fantasy Flight Games (card art), Paizo Publishing (creature illustrations), New Horizon (creature illustrations), Cryptozoic Entertainment (card art), Scandinavian and British book publishers like Tiden (cover art), Rabén&Sjögren (cover art), Norsteds (cover art design), Kollibri (cover art and design), Egmont UK (cover art), a Canadian social games developer (concepts and illustrations), and an Australian edutainment producer (concepts and illustrations).

In December 2009 I started working on RPG-Creatures, which is an online bestiary blog, now featuring 45 original and fully realized creatures, with stats and descriptions. In 2012 I published a PDF book based on that blog called RPG Creatures - Bestiary I which includes all the creatures from the blog in a better presentation, plus an additional nine, book-exclusive creatures.

Through Monsters By Email my creature making ventures continued, and brought another 38 imaginary life-forms into existence, These have since found their way into the inboxes and rpg-campaigns of hundreds of people, and are still being spread across the world, with and without my assistence.
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