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2014 March 30: I currently freelance close to full-time but have set in motion a new project, which hopefully will grow with the seasons. It is a different kind of world-crafting project, which will include plenty of new creatures, characters, environments, and storytelling. You can check it out, and support it, over HERE.

2013 November 2: Creature Set 8 has been released, and with it ends Subscription Period 2, AND Monsters By Email as a subscription. This website and the name MonstersByEmail will remain, as you will be able to pick up all released, and any future creature work or mine through this page. All the creatures created between March 1 and October 31 (2013) are now available HERE.

In the coming 5 weeks I will be busy making illustrations/concepts for a promising movie script. If you're looking to commission a freelance artist after December 5, you are free to contact me through

Creature Set 8


2013 October 3: Creature Set 7 has been released, and with it the forest-dwelling Fraethnin (below). One more Set to go before Subscription Period 2 is finished. It's yet not too late to sign up for access to the full period.

Creature Set 7 - Cover

2013 August 31: Creature Set 6 has been sent to subscribers. Remember, that all released sets from the current period will be sent to you on subscription. All subscribers receive all four Creature Sets of the active period. Featured below is the Jehmorcha - a nocturnal spirit creature given flesh. Learn more about it by signing up at the home page.

creature set 6 - cover creature

2013 July 31:
Creature Set 5, the first set of Subscription period 2, has been released. Among the creatures of the set is the Wollaghin creature, which made the "cover" of this set. The bonus PDF called 'The Learning Art Part' deals with light and color, and how to apply them in art.

wollaghin creature concept

2013 July 3: Subscription Period 2 has officially begun. Several new subscribers have already signed up, and I have started sketching on the new creatures to come. Let's hope the word about this service can spread even further, and that the warmth of more supporters may heat up the hatchery! The gates are open! Creatures will come.

2013 June 30: Creature Set 3, the final Set of Subscription Period 1, has been sent to subscribers. This set also includes links to movie clips, showing the sketching and rendering of one of the included creatures. Subscription Round 2 starts on July 3, and will run until October 31. Welcome to join us!

If you missed the first 4 Creature Sets from MonstersByEmail, you can pick them up by clicking 'Previous Periods' in the black field above.

creature set 4 - cover

2013 June 24:
Supscription period 1 is coming to an end. The final delivery (Creature Set 4) is on June 30. You can sign up for subscription period 2 (July to October) from July 3.

2013 May 31:
Creature Set 3 has been shipped! This means that anyone who subscribes now will receive 15 creatures (3 sets) in a matter of days, as well as the fourth and final set of this round, on June 30. Featured on this "cover" is the Nephentroll, a troll dedictated to hunting and eating snakes.

Creature Set 3 cover

2013 April 30:
Creature Set 2 has been released, featuring five new creatures, with everything included, as well as part 2 in the bonus 'Learning Art' PDF. If you join now, you will be sent all sets previously released during the period, within two business days.

Creature Set 2

2013 April 8:
Creature Set 2 is now in good progress, and looking good so far. If you sign up for subscription before the end of April, you will receive Creature Set 1 and 2 at the end of this month. Perhaps your Game Master, or fantasy artist friend have their birthday coming up? Sign them up for a creature surprise!

2013 March 15:
Creature Set 1 has been released, early, but only for those who signed up prior to March 15. It will be released again March 31, for those who sign up before then. Judging from the feedback I recieve, subscribers are very pleased about their first set of creatures, which I'm happy to hear. Set 2 is now "in the making".

Creature Set 1

2013 March 1 (first entry):
Great news! Monsters By Email has been funded and finally went live today! I have already started working on the first set of creatures, and will deliver it to all subscribers before the end of March. While doing so I will not have the same time as before promoting Monsters By Email. I therefore appreciate all support with making this service known to game masters, publishers, artists, and creature fans all over the world.

Neverenn creature image