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Monsters By Email - Publishing Restrictions

Creature Collection 1 and Creature Collection 2 include non-exclusive rights to 50% of the creatures. Creature number 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15... and so on (every odd number) will be yours to use, publish, and commercialize as you see fit but with the following restrictions:

1. You may not publish them in a product which makes 'Monsters by Email' Creature Collections superfluous or obsolete. Your product must not compete directly with 'Monsters by Email'. Nobody, not even those who pick up a Collection for low-res images alone, should have reason to feel that "I don't need to purchase these Creature Collections, since I can find most of the creatures in this one other product anyway".

2. If you're publishing a product featuring multiple creatures (like a bestiary), see to it that no more than a third of those creatures are 'Monsters By Email'-creatures, and that no more than a third of the creatures released as 'Monsters by Email', are included in such a product.

3. You may not re-sell the creatures as illustrations, stock art, or concepts, but may sell them as printed posters, tatooes, game cards (for example), or use them in any of your products, including animated films and video games.

4. You cannot publish the creatures visibly on the Internet, without my permission (write and ask). This restriction includes displaying previews of printed t-shirts, book-covers, and other printed products online. 'Monsters by Email' will generously consider requests to oversee this rule, if it is called for (see restriction 1).
This restriction doesn't apply to in-game 3D-renders or in-game pixel graphic sprites made from these concepts.

5. For all products which normally include a page of credits/contributors (like books, magazines, games, etc), credits must be given. These should read: "Creature concepts and illustrations:". You may add "Nicholas Cloister of..." if you prefer.

6. You may not deliberately make modifications to the creatures to make them look as ugly as possible, but may otherwise crop, and alter saturation, colors, contrasts etc as you please. You may even remove or change minor details. You may also completely rewrite or alter the descriptions to fit your product context.

7. You may not publish or make use of any of these creatures in pornographic-, racist-, propaganda-, or hate campaign contexts, or any other contexts which risk violating the good intentions and rumor of 'Monsters by Email'. Dark and demonic contexts (like black metal albums, grimoires, and horror movies) are fine, but not if an explicit hatred towards religions or religious groups are expressed in the same product.