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The samples below represent the quality of the contents of Creature Collection 1 (20 creatures)
and Creature Collection 2
(18 creatures). Here are four creatures for free!

PDF 1: Creatures A-D, stats & description

PDF 2: The Making of Creatures A-D

Creature A, PSDNeverenn creature image
Creature A, TIFF
Creature A, PNG
Creature A, JPG
Creature A, JPG web

Creature B, PSD
Creature B, TIFF
Creature B, PNG
Creature B, JPG
Creature B, JPG web

Creature C, PSD
Creature C, TIFF
Creature C, PNG
Creature C, JPG
Creature C, JPG web

Creature D, PSD
Creature D, TIFF
Creature D, PNG
Creature D, JPG
Creature D, JPG web

Information, TXT