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Support Monsters By Email!

How can you support this project?
Monsters By Email is currently funded for two periods, but does not yet have enough subscribers to stand on its own. If the service is to survive beyond October 2013 more people must learn about this subscription.

The best way to support Monsters By Email is to let your friends and other relations know about it, or to post about it in a blog or any social media. If you like what you receive from subscribing to this service, or simply think it looks like a cool project, you are most welcome to spread the word. Feel free to use any images you can find on this website to do so, and mention the free samples available.

You can also, if you feel so inclined, financially support the project. All such support will go into promoting MonstersByEmail, and should it stop, remaining support-generated resources will go to WWF, to protect wildlife and endangered species.

Observe, this is not technically a donation. By your support you are purchasing the non-exclusive rights to a secret illustration of mine. You will learn which one, when your support is registered, and I send you an email to express my gratitude (6% VAT is added for EU residents).

Use this button to support MonstersByEmail if you reside outside the EU.
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Use this button to support MonstersByEmail if you reside in a EU member state. (6% VAT is added to the price)
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Many sincere thanks for your contributions!